I’ve been seeing my therapist for roughly a month now.

I have not been put on medication. I am actually on a waiting list to be prescribed something. However, there’s a good chance I may not need medication. I feel better being able to talk to someone who is not biased towards individuals I am talking about. It’s nice to be able to say this about work is bothering me or this is what is bothering me about home or I can’t get my ex out of my mind and not be told ‘get over it’.

Thus far I have had three sessions. I have learned that I put others first, I find one or two things I like about a person and try to make myself fit them better, and that I should not assume people that I think are happy are happy.

I am starting to notice undesirable traits in former exes, aside from the fact that they’re exes. I am also starting to be more honest about why I liked (or loved) them as individuals.