Recently, I have received advice on my dating situation. Namely don’t be a bitch. Ok so my friends worded it nicer.

Don’t publicly shame these guys. I’m sorry but after years of failed relationships because I was nice, patient, and ignored this gigantic character flaws, I’m going to start voicing my opinion on these guys publicly. Does it look tacky? Of course. I fully admit to that. However, so is sending me dick pic after dick pic when I’ve asked it be stopped. Hell, I would count that as sexual harassment. Would it be better if I filed a lawsuit against these individuals?

I have had a man suck his own dick and show to me on snap chat after I had continuously asked him not to. Prior to that he kept sending me semi nude photos for no reason what so ever, even after I asked him to refrain from it.

I have had a man through a fit because I would not hold his hand on the first date. That same man ended up being a terrible kisser at the end of the second date. How a simple peck equates slobber on half my face, I do not know. This same man ghosted me and made the ghosting seem like it was my fault for being so amazing (his words). He then proceed to get butt  hurt because I was on tinder and hadn’t swiped right to match with him. 1) I thought I had gotten rid of that account 2) He and I were not a couple, we had two dates. & 3) He still had all his dating profiles, which apparently was ok.

I have had a man constantly end every sentence with lol. I called him out on it being a nervous tick, which he admitted to. He also admitted that he did not like that I could read him that well. It’s not that I can read you that well, it’s that men like you are a dime a dozen here. He called me hostile because I responded to his texting.

Finally I have a man whose heart I have to break on Thursday. I do not have the patience to deal with someone with trust issues. Your roommate has already laid the seeds of distrust in your mind. I made status update saying “Dating is hard”. A friend of mine commented that she was afraid to go out there and try. As you can read from this entry so far, it is very very very easy to find dick. Which is what I told my friend. His roommate took that as I was just looking for a friend with benefit. Make sense? Because I does not to me.