I have had a habit since my ex Dan of attracting weak men. Perhaps, he was one too. Who am I kidding? He was.

My issue is not with Daniel, it is and it is not. I am getting very tired of men I am interested in lamenting the lost of their former relationship, while I am told to get over my lost.

“I know she loves me, she’s just not being herself” I have had two men say that verbatim. One was a former lover, Corey, and the other was a buddy/former lover of mine, Brad. I cringed when Brad uttered those words.

“I just want my life back” Again I have had two men utter those words, Corey and Jonathan. Well guess what doll faces?


Your life simply changed and even if you had remained with your exes your life still would have changed in some fashion. Marriage is change. Getting a new job is change. Having children is change. When your exes broke up with you, you did not lose your life. You lost what was comfortable for you.

You don’t think I miss Dan? Yes and yes. You don’t think I miss Corey? Yes and fucking yes.

I was told to move on though. Why can’t the men I attract do the same? I have gone out of my way to avoid both Dan and Corey.

I was in love with Dan for 2.5 years. I unfriended him on Facebook, lost his number, and have considered blocking him and his vapid stupid perky goth girlfriend. I stopped going to D&D with my friends because of Dan. Do I still love him? Fuck yes I do and I can’t change that but I can distance myself so I forget.

And as far as Corey is concerned… well we haven’t spoken since I called him a weak ass little bitch for getting into a relationship right after he announced he cheated on me. “These things just happen, you have to let go. I’m happier now”

MMMMMmmmmm no ya ain’t. You look constipated in all your couples photos, Core, but hey you’re an FX artist. Illusions are your thing.