Wow. Dating. Wow.

Where do I begin? I find myself becoming increasingly frustrated with the men in my area. I also find myself becoming frustrated with the idea of polyamory. That is all any of the men in my area want, at least the ones attracted to me. News Flash: The Quad Cities is a massive orgy. Is that fact? I am not sure but like I said it seems that way.
I should say that I know that in theory polyamory is nothing like some freak ass orgy. It seems like a very beautiful concept of love that seems to focus on open and honest communication. However, the individuals I have ran across (men mostly) that practice polyamory are simply sleeping around. Two of the individuals have had their hearts broken and are humping to ease the pain. A third individual, I believe, just wants the attention of multiple partners. Of course your partners are putting you first, you’re poly-amorous and their in competition for your affection. That seems selfish to me.

I want monogamy. I feel like a freak for wanting that.

That’s another thing that I am slowly losing my patience with when it comes to dating. I have seven piercings, five tattoos, my head is partially shaved, my bust is large, I am a heathen, and I enjoy horror. It is assumed that I am into all sorts of debauchery. It is assumed I am some sort of sexual deviant. I am not. I mindless watch Law & Order:SVU and The Golden Girls. I go to Jazzercise. I read constantly. I have an associates in General & Occupational Technologies. I am working on a certificate in programming. I am boring as shit drying. I need to find an equally boring monogamous man.