As many of my friends know, I am an avid horror fan. 90-95% of my dvd collection are horror movies or horror t.v. shows. I reread WeaveWorld and The Thief Of Always yearly. I am such a Clive Barker fan that I am turning the upper left portion of my torso into a book of blood. For those of you unfamiliar with the book of blood, Clive Barker wrote a series of short stories that were contained into volume of books titled The Books Of Blood. The movies; Dread, Midnight Meat Train, Rawhead Rex, and The Book of Blood as well as the Tales from The Dark Side episode The Yattering and The Jack were based off of short stories in those volumes.

My idea stems from the movie The Book Of Blood which is based on the short story, On Jerusalem Street. In the story a young man pretends to be possessed by ghosts and writes their stories on walls and on himself. The ghosts find out about this and begin to actually write their stories upon his flesh.

My plan is to have a Clive Barker quote, something that most people would not associate with him, inked on my skin by different artists. I also plan on having it be quotes from his books, so the quote “Jesus wept” will not be on my flesh. Thus far I have “And this story, having no beginning, will have no end.” on my forearm. After I get the lament configuration put on my chest, I’ll be getting “Wherever I go I will speak your name with love.” put over my heart. I’m unclear of what other quotes to get and where. I’ll leave that up to my artists.