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About a month ago, I joined a few dating sites. OkCupid and Tindr to be precise, at one point I was regrettably on Plenty of Fish. I have since deleted all accounts.

Plenty Of Fish was a sea of men looking for an easy lay with one individual who seemingly was not. He was overly friendly, sympathetic, and understood what I was going through. Every conversation we had involved me asking why he cared since he didn’t know me, him responding with because someone should and sending hugs. I informed him this behavior made me uneasy and quick to distrust him. He, thankfully, backed off.

Tindr, I have to be honest, I used it for flirting only. There were days, I needed to feel pretty and desirable. We all do. I know, I know, I shouldn’t let the opinions of others determine how I feel about myself. That’s absolutely true, which is why I deleted my account. I did keep tindr the longest out of any of the dating sites, because I appreciated that both parties had to mutually agree to talk to each other before communication could start. I received absolutely no unwanted attention.

OkCupid was interesting. I attracted several older men, some nice and others not so much. A few of these men were extremely polite and well articulated, however, they were not what I was looking for. The rest had the charisma of a rotting fish. I do not want to be your baby girl, I do not want to marry you, and I most certainly do not want to jack off a stranger (that last one is an actual message I received on OkCupid).

I did meet a very nice gentleman from OkCupid. I’ll gush about him in the next post.